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How long does it take to do eyeliner, eyebrows, lip liner, full lip tint?

Ten minutes to be numbed and 5 minutes for actual tattooing.


Do I need to call for an appointment?

You must schedule an appointment through the studio by calling 270-442-6009.


Is it alright if I wear makeup?

We prefer you wear your makeup in the way you want your final tattoo to look.


Can I pick any color?

You can have any color you want. If you have a certain color in mind, bring it with you, or wear it in to match.


What if I wear contacts?

If you wear contacts, you will need them out during the procedure. Bring glasses for the drive home. Contacts can be put back in after 4 hours or the next day.


Will I be able to drive home?

Yes, you can drive yourself home.


What about work?

You can go to work the next day or even back to work the same day, depending on the time of your appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be any swelling?

Swelling differs from person to person. You will need to apply ice afterwards for two to three hours. We provide ice immediately afterwards.


Do I need any specialty creams?

No, you do not need any after care creams, only cool water.


How long will it take to heal?

Healing times for eyeliner - 5 to 7 days. Eyebrows - 7 to 10 days. Lips - 5 to 7 days


Do the inks affect doctor's equipment?

The inks we use are non-magnetic, so you will be able to have MRIs.


Is your equipment clean?

Everything is sterilized before the procedure and is disposed of after each application.


Does it hurt?

Being a licensed tattoo artist, I have access to the strongest anesthetics available. They

are applied ten minutes before the procedure.


Will I need touch-ups?

This will depend on how the tattooing is cared for, and you will be given a specific after-care sheet. If followed, you will have no problems with healing and be less likely to require any touch ups.