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I attended the PMU School in New York City. After completing a short course, I realized no matter how or what you call it, Permanent Makeup is a tattoo. I decided to make the sacrifice to become a true tattoo artist. Which was to take an apprenticeship in a tattoo studio for over 2 years. Making this decision was socially hard in our society, as you can imagine. But as the years went by, I Learned the right way, the only way to tattoo. I hope it shows in my work after 16 years. I have a great sense of pride and a well known reputation. I believe in what I do, and approach the art of tattooing the right way. Any thing worth having is worth waiting for, and you don't develop a good reputation overnight.


    Permanent Cosmetics should have a longer training period because of the severity of the importance of perfection required for this huge responsibility. You don't know nervousness like you do when you are tattooing eyeliner! There is absolutely no room for error. NONE. Responsibility? HUGE!!! If you were a client going in to have a face lift done, would you want the resident plastic surgeon or the chief of staff performing your procedure? "Rewarding is the career for the one that chooses the longer path to success, instead of the short cut for money".


    The happy satisfied customer will sing your praises to everyone they know and your business will then boom! Reputation is the key to success. When you respect what you do and feel confident in what you are doing, it will reflect on the faces of these most grateful clients. Remember, to them, this has to be perfect. This is the next closest thing to plastic surgery.

The enhancement of eyeliner, eyebrows, lip liner, and lip fill are being brought out more into the public eye with celebrities endorsing these procedures along with plastic surgery. The worrisome part of it is the lack of appropriate education and training of forwarding practitioners that is being taught in this field of the tattoo industry. Sales gimmicks and "get rich quick" schemes are being marketed by permanent makeup training schools everywhere throughout the U.S. Using someone's face to promote how to earn a quick buck might as well be sold on the black market as I see it. These are the same schools that should see into the future of their students careers. They should be compelled to see the impact of how their "3 day to a week long training course" to learn this delicate trade has generated a lot of unhappy clients. The technician will finally realize that further education and knowledge are required and to not do so will spell disaster for the practitioner and their clientele. Those already processed through the short term training will cause them undo damage and they will soon have to sacrifice more money and devote more time for awhile to "undo the damage" that was taught to them so poorly, but yet so quickly!


    Time to get down to the basics, because it all boils down to the art of tattooing. Until these clueless students learn the other aspects of traditional tattooing, its history, and how it all truly works, they will never fully reach their full potential as a cosmetic tattoo artist, or properly called "dennatechnicians". The get rich quick and long cram courses are a hoax and an ineffective means to obtain skill. Learning conventional tattooing takes a long time, lots of patience, and there are usually a lot of dues to pay along the way. Just talk to some old skoolers in our industry, they will be happy to tell you about all the difficulties that they had to endure to learn this art form that was so sacred to teach. It was a privilege to learn this trade. It is disheartening for me to see the mockery that is made of today in the field of Permanent makeup, with trainers taking advantage of an age old and hard earned trade for their financial gain.

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